The Breakup Playlist: The Awesome Nerd Version

Two weeks ago, I watched The Breakup Playlist. It’s a movie about love and forgiveness through music. But since I’m just on a 15-minute break from work right now, I won’t be able to give you a detailed summary.

Instead, here’s my own version of The Breakup Playlist.

So, you’ll know. . .#thefeels.

OVER YOU by Daughtry

(c) daughtryVEVO

I never saw it coming. Enough said.


(c) Coldplay Official

Nobody said it was easy – knowing “The Scientist”, that is. It still gets me, tho. Every single time.


(c) GoRadioVEVO

Not too long ago, I wholeheartedly believed in forever.

LIKE WE USED TO by A Rocket To The Moon

(c) Fueled By Ramen

I still think about how we used to be. But with a smile now. . .unlike before.

WHO YOU ARE by Jessie J

(c) JessieJVEVO

It’s okay not to be okay. Note to self, as always.

How about you? What’s your version of The Breakup Playlist? 🙂


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