[My Take On] Taboo Tattoo: Misery Loves Company

New anime series. 3 episodes so far. Awesome theme songs. Intriguing characters. Killer moves. Unique plot.

As for chills…it’s been awhile since Hunter X Hunter.


My Take On This Week’s Episode

I can’t imagine how evil ‘the princess’ really is. What else can she do? It’s getting worse, the fight over Seigi’s tattoo. I commend Il for how she tried killing Seigi and getting his tattoo. It was a good move, yet a great mistake for her to possess Touko.

It was touching how Touko really feels about Seigi. Seigi hasn’t realized it yet, but it seems like what he feels about Touko is more than just a close friend. Why’d he be determined to protect her now? Because of guilt? Nah, I’m shipping for their loveteam.

It also seems like there’s more to Void Maker, other than what’s shown to Seigi. I can’t blame Tom for his suggestion. However, Izzy knows that Seigi is much better protected with her around than with the US Army.

Lisa was shown to be cooler than Izzy. I can’t wait to see bad-ass moves as she fights along with Izzy, Tom, and Seigi. Surprisingly, Il seems to be kind-hearted towards animals – which is a good thing. She might become one of their allies.

Touko – I’m excited to see what power that girl has now.

As for the rest, it remains to be seen.

P.S. If you haven’t started watching it, you should.

Oh, wait…

Did I mention it has awesome theme songs?

May’N – Belief

Egoistic Emotion – Trigger

If so, you better start watching it now!


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