[My Take On] Taboo Tattoo: Distance


My Take On This Week’s Episode

The episode began rather strongly. Seigi was chasing a thief, while both on a tattoo drive and Izzy giving advice through an earpiece. Killer moves aside, Seigi has apparently improved in just two weeks. Izzy thought it was unusual, even if he’s the Void Maker’s match. Meanwhile, Il and Lakha were on the move for Lisa. After dropping off the kitten Il saved previously, she raided Lisa’s headquarters and went on a killing spree. Minus the blood and gore, this became my new favorite part as Il’s real skills were exhibited. And that new sword of hers? It was awesome, yet very dangerous.

In school, Touko was able to jump high during gym class like she’s in the Olympics. Their gym teacher was impressed, even begging her to join the varsity team. Izzy, on the other hand, also thought it was unusual for her. Touko revealed she was only able to do it after feeling hyperbolic lately. “It’s activating?”, Izzy had exclaimed then (with a little censored moment after, haha) – thinking back on what Touko got after Il’s possession. What else can Touko do now? I can’t wait to see.

But then, Tom called Izzy – alerting her that Lisa’s group needs their assistance. On a serious note, Izzy’s usual demeanor suddenly vanished. On a funny note, Izzy’s unusual demeanor when asking permission from the gym teacher is just hilarious. Okay, kidding aside…we get to see Izzy become more human – (when she’s not ruthless and unforgiving, even when training Seigi) – with her determination to save a close friend.

The same time Izzy was rushing towards Lisa’s headquarters, Seigi detected Izzy activating her tattoo – and leaving the detection range. At this point, I thought Seigi has really considered Izzy a good friend now – he never hesitated to activate his tattoo, rushing after her.

Continuing to Il and Lisa, we get to see a fiercer battle than the one Lakha and Izzy had previously. Clearly fighting with all her strength, we also get to see Lisa’s power – “turning air into a combustible matter” – which is a little bit like Izzy’s (bomb-like and chalk-triggered), but only with a different kind of energy (gun-like) and trigger (lipstick). And so, the battle goes on.

On her way, Izzy was suddenly held up by Lakha – who, by the way, is getting to my nerves with his relentless sexual innuendos – with a device used for either capturing or binding a Sealed. Leaving her frozen in place, Seigi finally caught up with Izzy. However, there was an explosion. Izzy mentioned Lisa’s name, Seigi picked up the worry in her voice. But since Izzy can’t move just yet – not without setting off an explosion herself – she encouraged him to go on ahead and rescue her friend.

When Seigi arrived in Lisa’s headquarters, he found nothing – only blood everywhere. I must admit, it’s painful to see him getting confused and angry like that. The guy just wants to help people, make the world a better place. Izzy was also getting more frustrated when the device suddenly went off and exploded. Both pitifully and thankfully, a dying comrade of Lisa was able to point out where Il took her. At this point, Seigi was very conflicted – What’s happening around him? Why are those people killed? As if that’s not enough, Seigi encountered Il holding up Lisa at the rooftop –  waiting for Lakha to pick them up on a helicopter.

Seigi confronted her, but Il only taunted him. Giving in to his feeings, Seigi charged up to attack Il. Il defended herself with that awesome sword and Seigi was thrown off the roof. Luckily, Tom managed to grab Seigi’s hand before falling down completely. Tom pulled Seigi back up and was confused a little about him being there, but Seigi mentioned that Izzy asked him to rescue Lisa. Tom understood, but warned Seigi that Lisa and the others didn’t know him or about him being a Sealed. By then, Il and Lakha were able to fully capture Lisa.

Feeling very defeated over not being able to rescue Lisa, Seigi went back to school. He was surprised to find Touko waiting. After questioning him on what happened, we get to see more on how truly dangerous Seigi’s power is when mixed with his feelings. He kind of lost it with Touko firing him questions, almost twisting her wrist. But Touko, as she is, didn’t mind it and thought about how she could get more closer with him instead.

Tom has just started to investigate when Izzy arrived, covered in blood. He didn’t question about it, but mentioned that he sent Seigi back to school for the meantime. Izzy just thanked him and apologized for the holdup. Continuing with the investigation, Izzy found Lisa’s coat and her cellphone – recording what happened during the battle. They found out Il and Lakha’s plans of taking Lisa back to the Kingdom, making Izzy determined than ever in seeking revenge.

Lisa’s injuries were being treated by Lakha. “I’m a former med student, after all.” That sexual innuendo, too – AGAIN. As for Il, I’m still hoping for retribution. She’s kind to animals. Why can’t she be kind to humans, too? The Princess should be defeated now, right now. Meanwhile, Seigi went to Izzy and Tom’s headquarters and found Touko outside. Seigi apologized for what happened earlier, but she just asked for them to go inside. When they got inside, Touko asked what Seigi’s feelings are regarding Izzy. “There’s nothing to say, really.” Ouch!

Downstairs, Tom and Izzy were discussing about their next plan on rescuing Lisa. Seigi butts in and he just got a beating from Izzy – and worse, handcuffed on a chair. It’s for their own good, though – that I know about. Izzy made her way out, while Tom is left to explain why both Seigi and Touko should be kept in until the rescue mission is over. But stubborn as he is, Seigi just went on to lash about everything he believed in. Tom was getting angry, but only reasoned out as he wanted both kids to understand.

And then, it happened. Seigi acted on his feelings and used Void Maker to get out of the basement they were locked in – leaving Tom out cold when Seigi punched him after ripping the cuffs off of his hands. While it might be of good intention – Seigi wanted to help Izzy rescue Lisa, Touko wanted to get closer with Seigi by also going through what he is going through – it might soon cost Izzy her own life, more than it already is.

I’m definitely looking forward to what’s next – right after Izzy finally got to Lakha and Il, just before they get Lisa onboard the ship back to the Kingdom.

Il and Izzy’s battle, to be exact. 


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