What I’ve Been Waiting For: #FallenMovie

Ah, something “adulting” can’t take away from me: My love for Lauren Kate and her best-selling series.

4 books. 1 special. 1 e-book. 1 spin-off.

And now, without further adieu, the much-awaited #FallenMovie trailer…


Original Post From LaurenKateBooks.Net

#SuperFan-Mode On: I can’t wait to see Luce and Daniel falling in love. Cam and his golden wings. Arriane and her craziness. Gabbe and her flawlessness. Penn and her nerdiness. Roland and his dreads. Molly and her uhm, feistiness? Okay, fine. Even Miss Sophia.

#SuperFan-Mode Off: I’ve noticed several changes from the book. A few minor details, but still…I’m afraid, noticeable ones. A few major details, too…but well, all I can say for now is: the Fallen Angels’ wings.

P.S. Don’t worry, Lauren. My love for you and the series will never die. I didn’t even realize that 2 years have already passed since you announced Fallen will have a movie adaptation. *grinning*

Everything aside, I’m pretty much excited about it. I’ll finally get to see everyone come to life – all those book characters who gave me not just a story, but also a chance to truly believe in the power of love.

(c) Lauren Kate


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